What Type of Tile Flooring is Right for Your Home? Each home reflects the personality of its owner. The choice of decorations and, if the person had a hand in choosing the home’s features, choice of styles and materials will set a vibe unique to the tastes of family that lives there. Choosing tile flooring.. read more →

13 Nov 2013
November 13, 2013

Tips for Keeping Your Carpet Pristine

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Keeping your tile and grout clean is important, but in most homes, the floors with tile are far outnumbered by those with carpet. Keeping a carpet clean and beautiful can be a constant battle. Depending on the type of carpet, they often retain dirt and other contaminants and show them off for the world to.. read more →

When you swing that door or curtain open, ready for a refreshing shower, the last thing you would want to find waiting for you is a patch of black mold (a genus of molds called Stachybotrys). Actually, there are probably a lot of things you would not want to find when you step into your.. read more →

Alison Hewitt of UCLA Today reports of a message cleverly concealed in the tile arrangement of a UCLA campus floor. Located near the southeast second-floor entrance to part of the engineering building, the tiles spell in binary code “lo and behold!”. Alison Hewitt writes that the architect was not asked to include the pattern, and.. read more →